Saturday, March 12, 2005

indicators on my progress...

I'm seeing 'real' and tangible improvements in my health.
I have so much to tell you and look forward to showing you the changes and sharing my continuous improvements and progress in the pool. Monday's was an ability to actually kick my legs and see my ankles while ding the back crawl and making the water behind me 'splash'.

BUT, the real neurological news is at

I looked more into the drug, found it may be obtained up here already under a different indicated use. My neurologist at the MS Clinic outright refused to prescribe it.

Thus, the first apt. with another neurologist here in TO feb 10/ 05 referred to me by my nutritionist GP who is amazed by my improvement thus far.

Failing his decision to join me in my fight and work with me, write the Rx and not be convinced by one the medical industries most highly respected journal the New England Journal of Medicine (abstract at:)

my back-up appointment is scheduled for Feb 2 in Buffalo, NY and begin treatments via infusion soon after.

A 50 + yr. old FRIEND of my MOM'S with the same kind of MS and also
strictly adhering to diet and vitamin supplementation got up out of
her chair of 12 years after only 3 months on the medication. She's
been on it 3 years and complains only of her score on THE golf

I'm keeping a realistic expectation that may not work the same for

But, what am if not a classic taurus and stubbornly persistent.

Either way, I FEEL proud that I'll be giving it a go!


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