Saturday, March 12, 2005

jan 12 '05 horoscope grabs me ...

Monday, January 10, 2005
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Steve carubba,
There is something reassuring about what is happening in your life now, even if there isn't much forward movement. You know that changes are occurring, but they seem to be hidden from sight. Trust your inner voice that knows that these transformations will bring results if you are consistent and patient. Rest assured that you are both.
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General Daily Overview
The New Moon is at 7:02 am EST, in practical Capricorn. Feelings may become stiff as we pull our energy in, trying to start the week with more structure. As if this isn't enough, both Mercury and Venus have just entered cautious Capricorn, too. This New Moon symbolizes a new beginning in our emotional cycles. It, along with Mercury and Venus, emphasizes Capricorn's need for fundamental integrity and reminds us to take things seriously. We may feel an emotional shift as the Moon enters social Aquarius, even if it's not until 10:07 pm EST.


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