Saturday, March 12, 2005

mar 02 - my horoscope 1 week prior to infusion...

Wednesday, March 02, 2005
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Steve carubba,

You are starting to pick up on an incoming wave of enthusiasm that will continue to grow over the next few days. It's important, however, that you conserve energy now or you will exhaust yourself before the real action begins. No matter how big it feels today, there's more that's yet to come. Be patient and do what you must in order to be ready.
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General Daily Overview
Our beliefs can propel us into righteous action when the Moon enters adventurous Sagittarius at 1:28 pm EST. This shift can be noticeable as our spirits lift us out of the Scorpionic depths where they have been suspended for the past few days. One of the biggest traps of the Sagittarian Moon is that optimism encourages us to avoid facing reality. The good news is that we are not afraid to make big plans. The bad news is that we can gloss over important details. Of course, finding a middle path and a balanced approach is what works best.


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