Saturday, March 12, 2005

My neurologists reaction to my situation and not being an advocate.

Knowledgeable definitely. She however uses phrases such as can't, won't too frequently to make me believe she really wants to help.

"I cannot sign that letter in its current form. It is not my opinion
that he will benefit from Tysabri at this time, based on clinical
evidence i.e. it has not been studied in secondary progressive MS.

I will sign a letter only that:

1. states clearly that his MS is in a well-established secondary
progressive phase,

and 2. aknowledges my awareness that Tysabri is currently only
indicated for Relapsing-remitting MS, and that as such he is not a
candidate outside of a clinical trial.

I cannot in good faith professionally ask for a consultation that I do
not endorse or believe in.

However, if there is a clinical trial enrolling secondary progressive
patients for treatment with Tysabri, I would be happy to refer him to
that centre. According to the MS clinical trials website, there is one
either starting or underway for this indication, but I have not been
able to find the centre. I would request Dr. O'Connor's opinion on this

I will forward my concerns to Dr. O'Connor.



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